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All Aboard the SS Apogee

we gon have adventures and shit

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Name:Tʜᴇ SS Aᴘᴏɢᴇᴇ
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apogee: (astronomy) The point, in an orbit about the Earth, that is furthest from the Earth.

Look, okay, you're on a spaceship. No, I don't know how you got there, and no, I don't know where you're supposed to be instead, but you're here now. But listen, this spaceship is like. Huge. Huge. Rooms are entire cities. Entire mountain ranges, even. Any kind of setting, time period, or planet you could want, chances are there's a room here that's got it. Complete with wildlife, people to populate the cities, and changing weather. This shit's crazy, seriously. Whoever designed this had way too much time and money on their hands.

Rumor has it there's even a ballpit room.

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